Fir Tree Fragrance Oil


Be transported to an Alpine Lodge with Fir Tree. Opening with fresh Bergamot with a twist of Lemon and White Mint. Pine needles deliver a medley of surprises not least Calone, intensely green and wholly fresh, an almost seashore experience gained from old aromatic driftwood, followed by woody and spicy Clove. Settling into subtle woods, Balsam, Cedar and Sandalwood dull to a dry pleasing warmth of musk and earthy grounding.


Add two to three drops of this Fragrance Oil to an oil burner, pot pourri, or an electronic diffuser. 

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use on the skin. Do not use on home furnishings. Clean any spillages up immediately as may cause damage to some surfaces.

Hand crafted by APOTHECARY64 in the heart of Penarth, using only the finest ingredients.

+ Vegan

+ Paraben Free

+ Cruelty Free

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