Penarth Pier

Reminiscent of Penarth Pier, where bracing mineral scented air captures the fresh and spirited sea salt as it tops the rugged cliffs and fuses with the comforts of grounding sage. 

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Transporting you to an enchanted forest. Opening with bergamot, lemon and wild mint. Fir and eucalyptus intensely green and fresh deliver to settle on woods of cedar and balsam.

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A cuddle. This delicate citrus fragrance with bergamot and eucalyptus comes into full bloom through a floral harmony of jasmine. Gently descending on to the warmth of amber, wood and a whisper of tonka.

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Earl Grey and Cucumber

Inspired by Earl Grey Tea and Cucumber, with notes of black tea, bergamot, citruses and a base of fresh cucumber.

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Lime, Basil and Mandarin

Mouthwatering limes and the sweetest mandarin lay at the heart, fortified with basil, delivering an airy uplifting crisp herbaceous scent.

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The vibrant juicy oranges zing as this top note delivers freshness whilst the delicate evergreen rosemary encircles and grounds with its earthy subtle woody warmth. Truly stunning and wholly Italian.

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Welsh Pear and Freesia 

Ripe juicy Welsh pears blend with sweet quince and floral honey. Whilst white freesia add intense freshness with a subtle hint of wild rose warming and comforting to its end.

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Amber and Orange

Amber warms this sophisticated fragrance, together with sweet orange wilfully energising and raising the spirit, creating an ambience of luxurious harmony. 

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Ynys y Barri

Barry Island. A warm breeze and waves lapping at the shore. Fresh bergamot with lime and bright orange with a gentle tide of vanilla, coconut and pineapple.

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Love. Damask rose, used for centuries as a symbol of love. Its sensual scent renowned for floridity and warmth. Subtle notes of blackcurrant and clove delicately give way to the base note of oud, delivering luxurious sweetness and woody hues in abundance.

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Soothing relaxing lavender, well known for its calming abilities. Harmonising with aromatic chamomile flowers to deliver a soothing combination. Setting the scene for a perfect restful sleep.

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A delicate floral fragrance with notes of rose and violet capture cherry blossom in full bloom, firmly rooted with earthy sandalwood and musk. Think Geisha strolling through blossom trails on a beautiful spring day. Konnichiwa.

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Sensual leather merges with night flowering jasmine. While black suede, saffron and amberwood, give way to warm and woody base notes. A refined and sophisticated scent.


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Breezes breathe gently through forest trails capturing the juicy aroma of wild blackberry. While birch trees shroud this scent with a subtle woody sweetness, while oak moss delivers earthy tones accented with fresh bergamot, and at its roots the warmth of cedar wood.

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Dark Rum

Smooth, smoky and sophisticated. Warm tobacco combined with spiced dark rum topped with zesty citrus fruits. Rich clove embraces the full bodied and balsamic temper of labdanum, while swirls of amber rest on an aromatic bed of leather with a hint of oak moss.

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