Dark Rum Fragrance Oil


Smooth, smoky and sophisticated. Accents of tobacco combine spice, vanilla, floral and sweet tones to deliver woody and earthy comforting warmth, topped with the tantalising zest from citrus fruits - this fragrance match is pleasure personified. Rich clove embraces the full bodied and balsamic temper of labdanum, swirls of amber resonate before coming to rest on an aromatic bed of leather, peppered with a hint of moss.


Add two to three drops of this Fragrance Oil to an oil burner, pot pourri, or an electronic diffuser. 

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not use on the skin. Do not use on home furnishings. Clean any spillages up immediately as may cause damage to some surfaces.

Hand crafted by APOTHECARY64 in the heart of Penarth, using only the finest ingredients.


+ Vegan

+ Paraben Free

+ Cruelty Free

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